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Welcome to Todd Morrow's Gallery! My primary mediums are wood and stone and I hope you enjoy my sculptures. With my beginnings as a wood working hobbyist, wood carving had always been an irresistible draw for me and one day I was inspired to give it a try. I didn't have access to many resources at the time, so I bought some "cheap" tools, found some small pieces of wood and began to learn how to carve. I don't look at myself as a "self taught" wood carver. I tried to carve and learned from what the wood demonstrated to me the things that would work and what would not.  
While occasionally I have used milled lumber, I prefer to use salvaged wood, and lately I have discovered that using "found" wood such as driftwood or wood from fallen trees presents both challenges and results that I just don't get from dimensional and milled lumber. While some of my inspiration comes from my life experiences, much of my inspiration comes directly from nature, be it an animal, a reflection on water, or even a shadow. Double this with the fact that I am using natural found wood and each completed carving is all the more satisfying.
In recent years I have become interested in stone sculpture. In 2005 I had the opportunity to study and carve under the tutelage of 2 talented sculptors from the Chapungu Sculpture Park, in the Shona region of Zimbabwe, Africa.    

One of the things that I like about both wood and stone, is the fact that most people consider them dead or lifeless. However, with a little time and effort, I have been given the ability to transform them. From inert or dead objects, I can shape them and give them a new lease on life.

"I've seen the word custom used so freely over the years, it no longer inspires much faith, except on those rare occasions when I get to work with people like Todd who have a passion for making one of a kind creations. Couple that drive with a practical mind set geared to poblem solving and I see a combination that reminds me what custom is really meant to be."

Geoff Schenkel

Participated in many local "Merchants and Artists Walks", as well as a supporter of many local community art projects, such as the "Wakefield" mural, and "Hamsterdam".

Has worked with local Art organizations to to promote the arts in the community.

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