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The day was mild and pleasant when I rolled into the little town of Marietta, Ohio. I was in search of a native fellow named Todd Morrow. Todd, in 1962, was born into a family of stone masons who had toiled away the better part of their lives in the local millstone quarries. I heard that he had become a member of a talented bunch of artists at the Riverside Artists Gallery, so that’s where I began my search. Todd wasn’t there but I was directed to his favorite hideout, just across the downtown bridge on the “west side” she called it.

At first glance it was a quaint little house but as I got closer I could tell this was something more. The sign on the front door said, “Resolve Studios, Enter at your own risk. Camaraderie and creativity can be contagious.” As my curiosity peaked, I took a step forward and stepped into a new world! This was no house! This was part house, part artists working studio, and part art project! A small clan of artists greeted me enthusiastically, and everywhere I looked, no matter the direction, my eyes fell upon an interesting or colorful visual treat. With a hardy handshake I was introduced and warmly greeted by each member of this happy team. After given a quick tour of this amazing artistic structure, I came to the conclusion that Todd is an ordinary “Joe”.

He is mild mannered, friendly, and fairly quiet and if you were to see him on the street you wouldn’t think twice about him. What makes him remarkable is that he has to be one of the most confused artists I’ve ever seen! You see, while Todd has always been drawn to wood and stone carving, he also does picture framing, glass bead-making, stained glass, painting, AND……..he is building a forge to try his hand at blacksmithing!

Curious to learn a bit about him I asked what it was about wood carving and sculpting that he liked? He was smoking a big oversized pipe at the time and as I watched, waiting on a reply, he paused and looked thoughtfully off to some far away place that I couldn’t see. His eyes narrowed as he drew slowly on his pipe. Exhaling slowly, the smoke drifting lazily around his head, highlighted by the suns rays through the window, he stated simply, “the sound”. Something about his manner hinted to me that there was more coming so I remained quiet. I was rewarded when, after another puff of his pipe Todd added, “I enjoy the sound of a sharp gouge slicing cleanly through the wood. It makes a quiet, rasping hiss that I find strangely soothing and relaxing, even hypnotic. I also enjoy the light playing off the surface of the facets left behind by the tools.”

I know, I know, you are thinking it too! Well I asked him the same thing, “What about stone? That must take a lot of effort and make a lot of noise doesn’t it?” He chuckled quietly as he exhaled another soft cloud of smoke which, I noticed for the first time, looked surprisingly like wood grain.

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"Best of Category", "Best of Class"' Best of Show", Fine Arts and Crafts Division, North Dakota State Fair 1992.

Totem pole carving project at "The Incredible Community Playground"

Carvings on display in Art shows in Germany, England, and Wales.