Todd Morrow

I started sculpting because, while I consider myself to be a little "rough around the edges", sculpture is my way of contributing something beautiful to the world. I enjoy creating something that others enjoy viewing. While up to now my works have primarily been in wood, I am hoping to broaden my scope of work in the future, I would like to incorporate stone and iron into my future works.

Although many of my pieces are based on a preconceived idea or design, I like to allow myself to react and adapt the finished piece. Often with wood you are given a few surprises as you remove and uncover hidden knots, twists in the grain, even un-seen cracks or voids. Each piece of wood, to me, has it's own personality, and the challenge of enhancing what the piece gives me to work with is most enjoyable.

In the past, much of my work was done with "pre-cut" blocks of wood, or milled lumber. Recently however I have found new motivation in carving "found" wood. Gems pulled from a firewood pile, driftwood, or tree stumps. These pieces stretch my imagination and offer up new obstacles to overcome as well as new surprises and enhancements that you just don't find in milled lumber. As I began to reflect on the differences that works completed from found wood contribute to my life I realized that they are often more personally satisfying to me than some of my previous work.

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"Todd's work combines skill, grace, diverse materials and inspirations, but above all wit and intellect."
Bonnie Proudfoot
Glass Artist - Athens Ohio